NOLA Jitterbugs is proud to offer employment to some of the best dancers and musicians in New Orleans! Below is a list of our professional dancers.

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Chance Bushman is a full-time, professional dancer, teacher, organizer, and entertainer. While he has taught and performed around the world, he considers himself a social dancer first and foremost. He teaches and performs regularly with four fabulous dancers: Amy Johnson, Giselle Anguizola, Lisa Casper, and Katherine Griffin. Chance is proficient in Jazz, Tap, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Blues Dance. He performs regularly with bands and strives at all times to be a visual representation of the music. He has performed with these great bands: Loose Marbles, Smoking Time Jazz Club, Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns, Tuba Skinny, Sophie Lee, Sarah Quintana, Reggie's Red Hot Feetwarmers, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Cassidy & The Orleans Kids, and The Speakeasy Trio.
Giselle Anguizola has dedicated her life to Jazz Era dances and has been an unmissable voice in the swing dance community for over a decade. A top proponent of intricate, syncopated footwork, Giselle will breathe rhythmic life into any dance, class, or stage appearance. She frequently performs with traditional jazz bands, blending live music and dance improvisation. She has appeared at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and has been featured on the television show After the Catch. Giselle co-produced and danced in Olio The Show, a modern day, vaudeville production based out of San Diego. She is the founder of Girl Jam, the first dance festival franchise devoted to honoring women in jazz music and dance. Now residing in New Orleans, she teaches and performs with the NOLA Jitterbugs and the Wild Dominoes dance troupes. She is proud to serve as a member of the board of directors for NOLA Jitterbugs.
Amy Johnson is a traditional jazz & swing dance performer, teacher, and producer of one of the most prestigious swing dance festivals in the world, The New Orleans Swing Dance Festival & The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown. She also co-produces (with local musician Ben Polcer) a week-long music and dance camp called Welbourne Jazz Camp, tours as a dancer with Meschiya Lake & The Lil Big Horns, and has formerly toured with the now defunct Loose Marbles. After spending a decade studying swing dancing and traveling to events around the world, Amy spontaneously moved to New Orleans (along with partner Chance Bushman) in January 2007. Not long after that move, she had a serendipitous meeting in the streets of New Orleans with the Loose Marbles, a band of young traditional jazz musicians who had also just moved to the city. From then on, Amy and Chance, along with singer Meschiya Lake, began performing with the Loose Marbles almost every day on Royal Street in New Orleans, Washington Square Park in New York, and on street corners and squares of Amsterdam and Berlin. Since her fateful move to New Orleans in 2007, Amy has been influential in encouraging some of the nations top swing dancers to move to the city, has helped put New Orleans on the map as a major swing dance destination, has directly (and indirectly) inspired the migration of many more swing dancers to New Orleans, and has opened the door for dancers to make a living collaborating with bands on various projects in the city. Her street performing and travels around the world have inspired many new people to discover the joys of swing dancing, and with the re-location of The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown to New Orleans, Amy has helped introduce New Orleans music to swing dancers & jazz-fans world-wide. Amy is co-founder (with Chance) of the non-profit organization, Nola Jitterbugs, has written and directed acts for The Old New Orleans Lil Big Vaudeville Variety Show, and currently produces "The Chorus Girl Project", an all girl performance series taught by herself, Giselle Anguizola, and Laura Manning.
Mia Goldsmith, with her incredible string of competition wins and international teaching and performing gigs, excels in dances from the Jazz Age -- and is known as one of the best Balboa Swing dancers in the world. As one of the cornerstones of the Seattle swing dance scene for over five years, instructing and performing regularly at the Century Ballroom, Mia has since moved to New Orleans. There she helps run a weekly swing dance night and spends the bulk of her time dancing and partying the nights away to all the fabulous local bands of her scene. Her unique approach to teaching is full of energy and creativity, bringing a passionate and motivated air to the classroom. She is known for her highly impressive footwork, improvisation, and individual approach to the dance. Mia loves her dogs Louly and Josephine Boxer, singing musicals at the top of her lungs (preferably at karaoke bars), and loud, live jazz to dance to. She also thinks you should all come to New Orleans and dance with her to the best bands in the entire universe....and then sing karaoke with her!
Lisa Casper was born and raised in Western Massachusetts where she first learned to ballroom dance at the age of 15. She continued on, threw out college, competing in Ballroom at Stony Brook University where she earned her Batcholors Degree in Theater Arts. After moving to New York City she became a member of the Big Apple Lindy Hoppers and The Syncopated Sweethearts, performing up and down the East Coast. She has been dancing with the NOLA Jitterbugs since moving to New Orleans in 2009. She also performs with bands such as Cassidy and The Orleans Kids, The Speakeasy Trio, The Smoking Time Jazz Club and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. She is proud to call New Orleans home.
A native to New Orleans, Kathy has been dancing since she was a teenager. After finding swing dance five years ago, she has performed and taught with the NOLA Jitterbugs. She is a second-year member of the professional dance troupe Gris Gris Strut, that works its way through the streets of New Orleans every Mardi Gras. She continues to attend and teach dance around the city, and couldn’t be happier to be surrounded by so many talented dancers and musicians.
John Curtis "Jack" Pritchett graduated Loyola University 2007 cum laude with a BME in music education. He studied French Horn and Trumpet and has experience teaching all ages, including beginner band at the Elementary, Middle and High School levels. Since his arrival in New Orleans in the Fall of 2003, he has performed with Deacon John & The Ivories, The Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra, Los Po-Boy-Citos, and various other New Orleans ensembles. Residing in the heart of Gentilly, Jack spends most of his time performing as trumpeter of The Smoking Time Jazz Club.
Laura Manning is a performer, instructor, and all round disciple of early 20th century American jazz dances, a field in which her talents and experience vary widely: On any given day you’ll find her practicing with New Orleans’ Wild Dominoes, entertaining the crowds on Royal Street with the Smoking Time Jazz Band, teaching classes uptown and down, planning or choreographing the Old New Orleans Lil Big Vaudeville Variety Show, or just going for it at the Spotted Cat to her favorite local band. Personable and down to earth, Laura is esteemed for her distinctive, rhythmic dance styling, her amicability, professionalism and acuity when working with others, and the joy and spirit she brings to all aspects of her working life, from writing scripts, creating and producing shows, to dancing, teaching and performing. She loves her students and she loves her home, New Orleans.
Isabelle began choreographing dance routines for her parents at the age of 4 to songs by the Jackson 5 and Elvis Presley. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater from the College of Charleston. In 1994 she moved to Asheville NC where she earned a license in massage therapy and holistic herbalism. In 2002, she rekindled her love of performance by co-founding a classic burlesque troupe called The Rebelles. After attending a 5 Rhythms workshop Isabelle quickly fell in love with the philosophy of choreographer / dancer Gabrielle Roth who said, "Dance is the fastest, most direct route to the truth... If you just set people in motion, they'll heal themselves." At the age of 38, she discovered the Lindy Hop, and through a series of serendipitous events moved to New Orleans to pursue a life of creative purpose integrated with healing. Her understanding of the body-mind-spirit connection is tied to her love of dance, music and ritual. Read more at IsabelleGuzman.com

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