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Welcome to NOLA Jitterbugs!

We are dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and (yes!) innovation of Traditional American Music and Dance.

Music and Dance are intrinsically linked. The first instrument was the human body: clapping, stomping and singing.

Human Beings are music.

In the electronic age, people are stuck in their computers and phones, skipping physical interactions for digital ones. New Orleans is a special place in that live music draws people together; social dancing brings us even closer.

NOLA Jitterbugs Dance School is open year around to people of all ages. We are working hard to create an educational program that both teaches dance and keeps us in touch with our history and culture.

The NOLA Jitterbugs Entertainment branch can show up anywhere. Have a party? Want a band or a dance lesson? We can help!

We build stronger community through social dance. We explore the relationship between tradition and innovation. We teach history and perpetuate culture in a fun and interactive way. We support live music.

“I believe in free, because what I’m giving people is not mine,” Bushman said. “I don’t sell it to them. It’s our history and our culture.”

"Over the past five years, New Orleans has become a mecca for swing dancers because it is one of few places where traditional jazz music is performed live every night of the week."

"When I first moved to New Orleans I was amazed that there was live Traditional Jazz music everywhere and hardly anybody dancing to it. It is mostly seated audiences, and I just want to change that---get people dancing again."
Chance Bushman on WWOZ Street Talk

"Put your dancing shoes on and enjoy swing dancing and swing dance lessons hosted by NOLA Jitterbugs"

"The NOLA Jitterbugs are a group of dance instructors who each specialize in their own form of jazz and swing dancing."
- Examiner.com (no link available)

"The dance was being supplied by members of the NOLA Jitterbugs a dance group that has been instrumental in the burgeoning swing dancing scene that has been going on in New Orleans over the past few years.
- Chris Bickford (no link available)

"Over the past few years New Orleans has quietly gained a solid, impressive swing dance scene."

"You can try to stand still while you’re watching and listening, but I wouldn’t expect much success."

"On the streets of New Orleans we came across this group and I found them today on YouTube. The band - Smoking Time Jazz Club - was awesome, but I fell in love with the dancers - the Nola Jitterbuggers."
- Tuuki-Tuuki.Blogspot.com (no link available)

"Between musical breaks, (French Quarter Festival) patrons are invited to learn traditional dance styles such as the Charleston, Swing, and even a traditional Second Line dance.....The Kids Stage at the ferry landing will features local artists like Johnette Downing, Nola Jitterbugs..."

"The Mystic Krewe of Satyricon presented its eighth annual ball masque with the theme 'All That Jazz' at The Sugar Mill.....the NOLA Jitterbug Dancers."

"Jazz musicians love dancers and in New Orleans the swing dancers love the jazz bands."

"Between the performances people are going to strut their stuff on the dance floor."

"Lately the Maison also has grown into a showcase for swing music and dancing...Those who can fork over for dance lessons can learn the steps that same night from the...NOLA Jitterbugs, who lead private dance classes upstairs."

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